Time to wish you all happy holidays...

raising a glass of hot sachlab to you - perfect on a winters day.

See you in 2008! xxx

Talking of current exhibitions, i WISH i could see one of my absolute favourite artists exhibiting at Moma this month. I have posted about Lucien Freud before after discovering his beautiful, powerful paintings in an exhibition in Tel Aviv. If you have a chance to see his etchings at Moma I highly recomend it.

A lovely red parcel arrived at the post office this week... i purchased this ever so pretty bag from Kelly's shop ...

and she added some gorgeous extras - a lavendar key fob, some beautiful button magnets now adourning our fridge, some delicious chocolate now gone!!!

... so beautifully wrapped and such a treat in the middle of the week.

Thank you so much sweet Kelly xxx

I love to visit the tate modern when in london. I would really like to visit now with a return of Louise Bourgeois ... I was there in 2000 to see this amazing sculpture of hers..

I am also very curious to see Shibboleth - the work of Columbian artist Doris Salcedo. A crack in the floor of the old power station, running the whole length of the hall.. some powerful messages...

Hear more about it here.

I enjoy working in so many different mediums. Since I remember i have loved working with my hands and spent hours and hours as a child drawing my shoes or copying things from pictures... building things from boxes and trying out all sorts of crafts. But for me, there is something very different about working with clay... i find myself wishing lately that i could go to ceramics class every day. The atmosphere is so good, the people are lovely and working with clay...
Above is a picture of Frieda (this is how i named my clay head which hasnt been fired yet) who i so enjoyed working on. She did have a big box attached to her but i decided to discard of it half way through. I also thought in the beginning that i would try and be less literate whilst trying to keep proportions correct... but in the end i paid a lot of attention to details in the face - a good exercise.

This is lovely Lety's lizard. I love its solidity and cant wait to see the colours Lety uses.

Roll on Tuesday eve :)

some recent ceramic faves:

nathalie derouet (via Hoping for Happy Accidents)

shida kuo ( i cant remember how i found this one)

ruth gurvich (via Jan)

And the weekend begins... xx

Happy Chanukah!

Thank you all so much for your surprising birthday wishes!! I enjoyed them all and had a really lovely day... phone calls and surprises... ending with a romantic dinner :)

This is how we spent a wonderful relaxing weekend...

Wishing you all a good one xx

A new corner of our living room which makes me very happy... treasured items and artworks which have been waiting for their home.

treasured pieces - looking forward to filling my new shelves

And a finished collage...

Red House Hotel - Collage, Acrylic & Ink on Wood

Happy Thursday Friends xxx

Inbetween - Collage & Acrylics on Wood

Last week was a stormy week over here and after being sick for the first half of the week i realised that winter has arrived. We even had an earthquake on Tuesday!

Raspberry tea, blankets on the sofa, hot porridge.... lots of birthday celebrating this month...

Treetops - Collage & Ink on Wood

Happy Winter!

eyal, 24.5cm x 15cm, ink on paper

Hello friends,
Today, some new works out and some more to come over the next couple of weeks.

robin red - ink, acrylic and found papers on wood

grey - acrylic and found papers on wood

I have also been working on some new prints which will be available from tomorrow..

I have to say I feel so bad for not visiting lately but i will be around shortly....

And later on i have the honour of appearing on Shari's 'Holiday Gift Guide' - thank you dear Shari. I cant wait to read all about these wonderful artists.

Happy Wednesday xx

And another weekend is over... it just flies by..

We had breakfast out on friday - it was lovely. The sun was shining and spirits were high... and the food was yummy. We came home and decided a good clean up was in order. The floor was scrubbed and rooms were tidied..

And yesterday, we met friends for a picnic in the park. We spent all day there moving from the sloping grass to the animal corner visiting the emus, deer and monkeys and then moving onto the childrens games. From there we went to the maze and then onto the lake for some wonderful bird watching.

The storks came up close and we watched as she tried to catch a few bites..

just amazing..

and to finish off the day a joint exhibition of sculture and drawings which i really enjoyed.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend too xxx

Well, here we are.. some pictures from my first ceramics classes.. this first piece is really an exercise in how to build using slabs and make a nice corner..of course mine turned into a simple structure similar to a house... i was thinking how I may like to create a whole series of these...

I love to use my hands to form the clay - this is a piece i began last week - Im not really sure where its going but I am enjoying playing...

I am trying so hard to not be too realistic but stay figurative... we'll see what happens to this little fellow. Not an amazing show but believe me, these 3 hours every week are the best.

You may be thinking that i have nothing to write about as i show crane pictures all the time... this is quite true at the moment being overloaded with work. Looking at the big crane (which is helping to build the monstrosity outside) really calms me at the end of the day. Such a big structure standing tall in the open air built from many lines - theres something quite beautiful about it...
This week i will take some pictures from my ceramics class... and next week some new work.
Have a lovely one xxx

This image pretty much describes our weekend - a much needed wind-down after a stressful week at work for both of us...which continues again tomorrow... deadlines to meet and some big changes means no fun time for Rami and I.. actually we hardly see each other at the moment!
But yesterday i decided to leave the housework and opted for some creative time to continue with some new work which will be out in November. Its quite obvious to see the feeling of autumn is creeping into my art. There is something comforting about it.
We hired two films for the weekend...Babel which we watched yesterday - many thoughts running through my mind afterwards..and tonight we will be watching Miss Potter - i think a lovely way to close the weekend :)
I am again so far behind on my blog reading and will be along to visit soon.
Wishing you a lovely weekend xxx

Last week ended with Shellys Birthday party... after all the preperations i think the children - all 25 of them - enjoyed the games Rami played with them.. pass the parcel, tug-of-war, potato and spoon race...it was so much fun to watch them and the weather was perfect.

The next day was spent at the beach with some of my parents friends visiting here.. the girls had a ball and we really enjoyed the calm but warm weather and the sand between our toes... :)

And the the week begins again...

This is what i see standing at the bus stop at 6:10am and i just cant stop looking at it... it inspires me..
The suns rays have been quite clear these last few days - so beautiful to watch.

And a surprise parcel this week from sweet Aimee..full of special treasures including fabric from the congo, handmade necklaces from Uganda and the Marshall Islands made by very special women - all these places where Aimee has taught or volunteered - a giraffe ring for Shelly, flea-market finds all in two cigar boxes which i love! Thank you so much for Aimee for this beautiful package.

And a late thank you to other lovely friends for some gorgeous cards - thanks Maditi and Gracia!!!

And our weekend begins...NOW!!! Have a fab one my friends xxx

Angel - Collage and Ink on Wood, 30cm x 21cm

Have a lovely weekend everyone :) xxx