This image pretty much describes our weekend - a much needed wind-down after a stressful week at work for both of us...which continues again tomorrow... deadlines to meet and some big changes means no fun time for Rami and I.. actually we hardly see each other at the moment!
But yesterday i decided to leave the housework and opted for some creative time to continue with some new work which will be out in November. Its quite obvious to see the feeling of autumn is creeping into my art. There is something comforting about it.
We hired two films for the weekend...Babel which we watched yesterday - many thoughts running through my mind afterwards..and tonight we will be watching Miss Potter - i think a lovely way to close the weekend :)
I am again so far behind on my blog reading and will be along to visit soon.
Wishing you a lovely weekend xxx


  1. lisa s said...
    so glad you had a wind down moment. may it continue

    [i want to see babel!]
    risa said...
    what did you think of ms. potter? i loved it!
    julie said...
    Oh Lisa, you have to see it!!

    Hi Risa, I thought it was charming - a relaxing film
    kelly said...
    what a beautiful skyline : )

    glad that you busy bees are getting some time to do nice relaxing film-watching. i saw both those films too...loved them both for different reasons.

    can't wait to see your new work! hope the day job's not too stressful. have a good week. we have an extra dark evening tonight having put the clocks back...but an hour extra in bed this morning : )
    cruststation said...
    Sounds like a much needed weekend break, I can understand having to juggle the housework about :) Can't wait to see your new work.
    Janet said...
    From one busy lady to the next, sorry for being a bit rubbish. I loved Babel, for many many reasons but particularly the Japanese scenes. You will get through this but sending you lots of hugs in the
    Uschi said...
    you all made me curious about Babel...since I'm no big cinema-visitor I sometimes miss good stuff!!
    Julie I send you TONS of relaxful-waves and swirls!!!
    louise said...
    Hope you enjoyed Miss Potter. I saw it at the movies and again recently on dvd. It's really lovely.

    I know what it's like to be behind on your blog reading. I'm in the midst of a little catch up.
    amisha said...
    hello sweet one... so glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend with rami, and some creative time as well... so necessary to recharge the batteries for a work-filled week! thinking of you. xoxo
    gracia said...
    Miss Potter seems a fitting weekend close, and I so love your recent photographs. I'm all for postponing the household chores in favour of a little creative time.
    take care, g xoxo
    maditi said...
    sending you some calm vibes from a very busy place ;)

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