A new corner of our living room which makes me very happy... treasured items and artworks which have been waiting for their home.

treasured pieces - looking forward to filling my new shelves

And a finished collage...

Red House Hotel - Collage, Acrylic & Ink on Wood

Happy Thursday Friends xxx


  1. Uschi said...
    A message from spy Uschi:
    You will discover a "secret", if you read what Julie wrote exactly one year ago!!

    These new shelves are really beautiful, Julie, with all the lovely things they contain!!
    Smiles and hugs and love!
    gracia said...
    Always a thrill to see your new collages, and I am happy to see two framed familiar friends in your beautiful living room corner. So nice to know you are enjoying them, Julie.
    take care and happy creating, g xo
    gracia said...
    P.S. Love that zoological conga line... xo
    kelly said...
    sending you very special birthday wishes + hugs! i hope you have a wonderful day lovely julie : )

    has rami made you a cake?

    i love all your treasures + i'm delighted to see my grandad's pear there amongst them...he'll be thrilled!

    love from your friend xxx
    p.s. your bag is ready! i'm sending you an email later!
    cruststation said...
    Fabulous display boxes, love seeing corners of your home. Really like the animals around the vase and congrats on your new collage, it's beautiful as always...did I miss your birthday? Happy Birthday (hope you had a good one)!
    Aimee said...
    Happy Birthday, Julie! A fellow Sag! I hope your year is filled with joy, beauty,loved ones, and many dreams realized!! xoxo
    risa said...
    happy birthday!
    i'd like to make a reservation for two nights at the red house hotel. can you tell me who to contact about availability? :)
    shari said...
    oh! happy birthday dear julie! i love the red house and the raindrops. beauty. xo
    bugheart said...
    happy happy
    the shelves
    are so beautiful
    i need to get
    your address
    to send your
    birthday presents!
    louise (elsewhere) said...
    Happy birthday from me, and a big happy birthday from Gracia too. xo lj
    cally said...
    so many wonderful collages since my last visit, you talented woman. one of your drawings is reminiscent of a concertina section from my 4 day sketchbook, I'll photograph it and post it on my blog... we are so in tune with so many things. actualy, you may like my post from earlier today, a ceramic pod brooch from my stash.

    i like your giraffes and friends, i collect animals, but only white ones (yes, i am still hooked on whites) also white toy cars, though i also collect red toy cars. i think your animals would look good riding on top of my cars and trucks. cute.

    always good to see the treasures you have in your corners. take care julie, i''ll be back before 2008 xxx
    mormar said...
    It looks really good. Love all the new pictures too.
    AnastasiaC said...
    its lovely Julie...it feels really calm and i love the neutral shades...Happy Birthday too!!!
    Jessica said...
    ooo - the corner of your room is so quirky and cute.

    meg said...
    what a beautiful corner--the colors are stunning!
    amisha said...
    happy belated birthday sweet julie :) love this new corner of your home... the shelves are beautiful as are the special objects they contain! xox

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