Remember the art session I promised to do for Shellys nursery, well it took place on Thursday.

32 kids sitting in a semi-circle (aaahhh!!) I began by getting their teacher to read the book 'My Many Coloured Days' by Dr. Seuss . Its a book about colours and how they describe our moods. We then discussed the different colours and what they represent - and i asked the children what colour they were feeling today. I was good to know that most of the girls felt pink and orange and the boys felt blue and multi-coloured!!

I mentioned about hearing how they learnt about Van Gogh and that I wanted to introduce them to an Israeli artist named Menashe Kadishman. (a personal fave).

I told them how he grew up on a kibbutz and worked as a shepard. We discussed what a shepard does and how everyday he spent hours with the sheep - that it was a big part of his life. And how he began painting them, that he painted thousands of sheep. We talked about the colours and how he would be affected by his mood. And we talked about the basic shape of his famous sheep portraits. I showed them how basically 3 triangles made up the head.
And then I asked them to paint their own sheep portraits - taking into account their own mood and the colours they used.

Unfortunately i dont think they paint with gouache often enough and seemed enthusiastic to dip their fat brushes into the water and brightly coloured paints. It was great to watch them and there were some beautiful results..

Shelly was so happy and excited that we were there and so was I.


  1. Anonymous said...
    i wish i could have been there too! i miss hearing about your wonderful art lessons with kids. they are always ver inspiring!
    stephanie s said...
    it is so nice to see the art of kids again.... i love it and love your methods of teaching them.
    so well done.
    xo -steph
    shari said...
    sounds so wonderful. the dr. seuss was a favorite of mine when i was teaching preschool. hugs!
    lisa s said...
    kids are the best.... what fun that looks!
    louise said...
    What a fantastic day, and gorgeous paintings by the kids. I wasn't familiar with Kadishman's work, the sheep paintings you featured are stunning. xo lj
    Uschi said...
    Julie, what a beautiful story!!
    Sounds like a wonderful hour!! When I think back, my art-teachers ...all of them...have been the ones hat had the biggest influence to me.
    Like Risa said:i wish i could have been there too!
    Lisa said...
    Julie, it's looks like an amazing lesson! Well done! Wish I'd been there - I could have been :)
    Anonymous said...
    What brilliant lesson planning! (Nice set induction!)Batty would be proud!I still have your Van Gogh lesson.Remember? Was actually talking about those Kadishman paintings the other day. Would you believe it? I read your blog often.
    House of Ester
    mormar said...
    That looks like it was a great day!!
    maditi said...
    talented little artists!!
    I think I´m feeling orange & pink today too :)
    babelfish said...
    You are such a great art teacher Julie, I love that you always bring in history and ask the students to notice their surroundings and mood. Fabulous results from the children, looks like they had fun!
    amisha said...
    i wish i could have been there too... sounds like a wonderful lesson. i love the way that you integrated the history lesson, the teaching about a shepherd's life, and the colors that they were feeling. xoxo
    bugheart said...
    seems like
    a wonderful
    process to
    paint with
    it's great
    to hear
    how you teach
    them about

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