One morning this week i was walking to work from the bus station.. it was cold and quite grey... suddenly i looked up and noticed a flock of birds flying in a pattern similar to the drawing - like half an arrow, many birds all in a line - it was so beautiful and made me smile... noone else had noticed..

Quiet - Mixed Media on cigar box lid

smiles in the post from sweet marianne and lisa

With the days flying by, leaving at 6.00 in the dark and arriving home at sunset, there was no time to join in with Sharis winter whites...

Happy thursday all :)


  1. stephanie s said...
    i think i have the companions to that ceramic mushroom... glad you are busy, i hope it is a good busy.
    love -s
    AnastasiaC said...
    i love watching birds in the sky boys are fascinated as well!
    Your new collage box is gorgeous!
    Anonymous said...
    i looooooooooove your new piece.
    i love julie trees.
    Di said...
    I love your cigar box collage and your winter white photo!!

    Come live in my house - seagulls pass by the windows, drifting slowly on the air!!
    lisa s said...
    smile to you!

    love the mushroom
    and the new work! yay
    cruststation said...
    Beautiful drawing of the line of birds, lovely notebook and mushroom...time is indeed flying by.
    ps. new work is gorgeous as always.
    jasminduft said...
    fantastic collage! I loved it!
    amisha said...
    love that you noticed the birds flying in formation. and your new collage... !!! such beautiful quiet. xoxo
    bugheart said...
    love that
    and the
    new piece.

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