wednesday morning, i wake up before everyone else...thoughts somersaulting in my mind...i go to the balcony...i love the quiet crisp air in the morning before the heat arrives. The shadows are low and the moon is still around to greet the sun..a perfect moment..

also, pink over at 2views

happy wednesday!!!


  1. Uschi said...
    In my youth, all the stories were about sun and moon will never meet!
    I too watch them often together!
    What a blue sky!!!!
    This morning air seems always the best part of the day to me!
    AnastasiaC said...
    a perfect Morning to you Julie - looks like a clear day over there
    Is it hot already?
    Love the pink sandals - great sketch!!
    Maditi said...
    enjoy your day under a blue sky :)
    cruststation said...
    Beautiful still sky, it's so tranquil and breathtaking -what a lovely scene to wake up to.
    emily said...
    i love the sun in the daytime sky.

    i saw quite a lot of that on my trip to israel last month. is it particularly common in your part of the world? or, i wonder, is there something astronomical happening right now? hmmm.

    beautiful photos to capture the moment.
    gracia said...
    Thanks for sharing the {On a Wednesday} love, Julie. Wednesday really is a marvellous mid way point, capable of turning a rocky start to smooth as you slide towards the end of the week.
    Brilliant photos... that sky, oh, my! So blue, so clear.
    take care, g xo
    Felicia said...
    so pretty :)
    shari said...
    beautiful. i love seeing the moon in the morning. :) xo
    risa said...
    i liked getting to see what you see from your balcony. now i canm pretend i'm up there with you!
    Denise said...
    I love looking at the moon.
    It looks really cool in the morning like this.
    cally said...
    In Scotland and Canada I am not a morning person, not at all. But in Turkey I was, the pleasure to be had in rising with all that soft light, before everyone gets busy, and hot. Once again your day has brought back nice memories.

    I forgot to say, the Ernesto drawings, for a second I got confused, I thought you had drawn them, they are so very very you, so naturally I love them too.
    lisa s said...
    lovely photo!
    happy wed!
    Listoria said...
    I love seeing the sun and the moon in the same sky!

    The blue of that sky is just lovely; it reminds me of some fabric that I have in my stash. Speaking of...I did use your pomegranate pict in a wall hanging! It's almost's very simple but I really like how it's turning out - I'll post a pict of it when it's done.


    Alina Chau said...
    These photos are so coool!
    bugheart said...
    i love the photo...
    the words
    "morning moon"
    so beautiful.
    bugheart said...
    what beautiful
    "morning moon"...
    the photo.
    amisha said...
    beautiful imagery from your wednesday morning. it's lovely in the early summer mornings when it's still a little cool... time to think in the quiet.

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