December 4th...and no sign of winter! In fact, for the last couple of weeks we have been walking round in T-shirts!! The nights are pretty chilly but the days are sunny with a little breeze!

Im waiting to cozy up here with my favourite thrifted blanket...but not yet it seems!

I am slowly finding a routine with a part-time job from home and the 'handmaid' studio is busy creating new stock to fill my etsy shop for January!! If there is anything inparticular you would like to see in the shop, please let me know!!!

Love the clothes in this winter collection!

Have a fab week everyone!


  1. maditi said...
    no sign of winter in my part of the world too ;) I love your blanket and gudrun sjoden´s clothes are fabulous!!
    happy creating!
    cruststation said...
    Wow, it's already quite cold over here in the UK. That blanket is gorgeous and the lovely link with gorgeous fashion and photography, looks like they came straight out of Selvedge magazine! Love*
    Anonymous said...
    Same here! No weather for blankets yet... xxx - Marieke
    Shari said...
    hi julie,
    it's been warm here as well. yesterday, there was a slight nip in the air. i have scarves to wear!!!

    love the fashion link. have fun in the studio. xoxo shari
    kelly said...
    feeling pretty chilly here in england...maybe not quite like december used to be but still cold enough to light a fire at night :) hope you get to use your lovley blanket looks so cozy!

    gudrun's clothes are wonderful...always styled so fantastically!

    have a great week + enjoy your studio time :) x
    stephanie s said...
    hmmmm, tried three times to post. if this is the fourth that shows up, you are officially invited to post four times on my site... that blankie would be in full rotation here right now. have fun in the studio, creating wonderful, beautiful things - no doubt.
    lisa s said...
    so odd that it seems winter has not come to several places.....

    have fun in the studio - i love that blanket!
    simple me said...
    Here it has been a strange autumn with lots and lots of rain. It poured for weeks on end and the rivers burst and there were floods everywhere but not much of cold around either.
    I'm dying to see what comes out of that creative studio ... wonderful pieces ;)
    AnastasiaC said...
    I spoke to my grandparents the other day and they mentioned how warm it still is over warming!! we're all ignoring it haha
    Have fun creating!!
    gracia said...
    T-shirts... sounds like what I am wearing, Julie. It's shaping up to a hot summer here and with the drought and water restrictions I have a brown leafed garden to loll in come a lazy summer day.
    take care, g
    louise said...
    Hi Julie,
    I can understand your craving to embrace the pleasures of winter... one of the best is being wrapped in gorgeous rugs.
    Cheers, LJ

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