Look who got lucky this week...

The lovely Maditi and i did a swap and i was lucky enough to receive some of her beautiful prints and a wonderful poster...i dont like pairs..i prefer odd numbers - so im going to seperate them out and have a piece of Maditi in each corner of our home!! Thank you so so much! xxx
If you havent visited Maditi's new shop...its a must!!!

By the way, this shot is taken with my Nikon (after Ella 'killed' the other camera, i have no choice but to start using this one!!! Obviously not meant to have a pair of cameras!) and the photos are lying on my newly collected 'old' table (originally from the US!!)

great photography link (found through simply photo) : roland bello

Happy thursday to you all!


  1. maditi said...
    thank you so much for posting :)
    good luck with the Nikon, expecting many beautiful photos!!
    simply photo always has great photography finds, must have missed this one ...
    anne said...
    hello julie, aren't we lucky? yours look just as gorgeous as mine! good luck with the new camera!! i'm currently trying to figure out, when i will be able to make your biscuits :) cheers, a.
    bugheart said...
    oh a new camera!?
    lucky duck!
    and photos
    from maditi
    are so
    i prefer odd
    numbers as
    i find even numbers
    Shari said...
    hi julie,
    your treats from maditi are so lovely. :) as for roland bello, i noticed the link on jen's blog but i couldn't place the name...until i started swooning over photos in the november issue of gourmet. all of my favorite photo shoots he did. there are others in blueprint magazine too.

    have fun with your new camera! xo shari
    Wendy said...
    Obviously the gift fairy is about this week. Great photo of fantastic prints lucky you.
    lisa s said...
    oh la la... yay for good photos [and new cameras!!]

    kelly said...
    you lucky lady...what goodies! looking forward to more pics with your nikon. the link to roland b's site made me swoon...my favourites are his still life & interiors work...i'll be keeping an eye out for his stuff in future :) hooray for odd numbers too!! off now to take a peek at matidi's shop...x
    cruststation said...
    Yay for Maditi's photos, they are gorgeous!
    gracia said...
    A new camera AND wonderful mail... a lucky end to the week!
    take care, grache
    Marieke said...
    Great pictures. Yours (lucky you!) and Maditi's. I love her pictures so. Think will visit her shop for some holiday shopping...

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