After last weeks lesson being cancelled, this week we came backto finish off with line...and bring in shape. I gave the girls a piece of thin wood..and showed them by holding it on its side and dipping it into balck paint they could print lines. We went through some basic shapes on paper and i showed them how to print and make shapes from lines.
They seemed to enjoy the printing a lot and although Shelly started with a house shape and after asking them to make a picture made out of lines - recognisable things..they both enjoyed the more abstract way...playing around and enjoying the printing aspect. Liron enjoyed draging the wood - so i pointed out that she could make thick lines in this way. I also gave them each a toilet roll and showed them how they could make circular lines...

After this exercise, i introduced Mondrian to the girls.. particularly this picture..'Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue'. We discussed the lines and the types of shapes and colours in the picture.

I gave them a piece of white paper and some precut shapes and black lines and asked them to creat a picture similar to Mondrians...

They both went about this in a different way...Liron diving in with confidence and moving quickly across the paper and Shelly working much more slowly and precisely.

I really enjoyed this lesson and think the ideas worked well. Thanks to Shari for help in this one!

Edit: I forgot to mention that we had Mercedes Sosa playing in the background!

Have a really good weekend everyone!!


  1. Shari said...
    hi julie,
    looks like a great lesson. glad you enjoyed the thinking with a line link! i really love seeing the differences in the girls' work!
    have a great weekend. xo shari
    Hagit said...
    I love these lessons! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy the thought behind everything, the pictures, the differences between the girls - it's fascinating!
    lisa s said...
    big smile! i love their mondrians... :) i bet he'd like them too!
    cruststation said...
    I love that the girls are so different to each other, Shelly being more careful and Liron more abtract and experimental. Thank you for sharing these, they are starting their Art history lessons early :)
    bugheart said...
    these are
    this is my
    you have done
    with the girls...
    work is
    just gorgeous-
    they are so
    so lucky
    to have
    a teacher
    like you!
    bugheart said...
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    tiel s-k said...
    once again, I'm glad I popped into see how things are going here. It is like a regular mini lesson for me..most enjoyable. I like the way you are going through each of the elements. Do you think they are old attempt the principles as well?
    maditi said...
    I love how their characters shine through :) great work!!!

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