Main Entry: de· cay
Pronunciation: di-'kA
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French decaïr, from Late Latin decadere to fall, sink, from Latin
de- + cadere to fall
intransitive verb
1 : to decline from a sound or prosperous condition
2 : to decrease usually gradually in size, quantity, activity, or force
3 : to fall into ruin
4 : to decline in health, strength, or vigor
5 : to undergo decomposition

I am always drawn to decaying nature or objects... there is so much beauty in the way time works its magic and creates such amazing, wonderful colours, textures and sculptural forms.
I am so inspired by decay - so much more than by the 'new'. I would love to be able to create decay in art but i think that only 'time' has this advantage...
With the arrival of autumn, there seems to be a lot of decay in view..the leaves turning brown, yellow, orange...the scorched flowers left-over from summer...the fallen summer beautiful.

some beautiful 'decay' flickr links:

2759a - "Handle with Care"
The Can I
when summer dies
green door

edit: still sort of on the subject of decay, im looking for some good homemade jam recipes..does anyone have any?


  1. Shari said...
    me too!! there is so much beauty in the decay of things. i could write and write about why i love it so. can't wait to check out your flickr links. xo s
    simple me said...
    I agree!
    Time has the potential of covering things with poetry.
    I was amazed at that spines photo. Couldn't stop looking. Thanks for the link.
    ps: I could send you some jam recipes if all my cooking books weren't packed in boxes...if you can wait and tell me which sort of jam your are looking for...I will be happy to send you.
    maditi said...
    beautiful photos and flickr picks!!
    I love everything used, lived and declined too :)
    cruststation said...
    Beautiful pictures, I would love to explore more on this subject often taken for granted.
    lisa s said...
    oh yes... to decay... and to your photos.... just lovely....
    mariannealice said...
    Do you have a particular jam in mind...let me know and I 'll hunt out a few recipes...those decay photos are beautiful, especially the spiky flower heads...
    Marieke said...
    Lovely post, Julie! I can see that in your work. I do agree and find old not perfect things so much more interesting. Hm, no jam recipe... But will love to read about a tested good one! :-)
    nesty said...
    such wonderful photos julie...what inspiring subjects! isn't autumn just the best season?! continue to enjoy the colours & textures that surround you. x kelly

    p.s. i'm going to email you a couple of jam recipes :)

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