Thank you for all of your lovely wishes this weekend - i really appreciate it!!
I actually got a parcel in time for new year...this gorgeous, thoughtful autumn 5 senses pack from sweet Paula. It included an autumn collection cd, two very cute heart shaped lavendar filled 'hangy things' which are potato printed (great!!), some apple and cinnamon tea (yummy), the autumn issue of Marie Claire idees (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) and some beautiful pods for my nature corner (LOVE!!!!) As well as this wonderful parcel..i love the way Paula adds the little details to the envelope with lines drawings and some rick-rack sewn in! BEIJOS!!!!!!!!

Moving slowly but surely into the making - some parcels for Marianne, Maditi and Gwen, some more 'new species' and a new sculpture...

I still havent thought of a new name...nowhere near...

To start the week, some beginning of autumn links...

-hand of fatima - Maiden

-swedish storage chest - Maiden

-handmade quilts - Hand

-felt goods - Parma lilac

Have a wonderful, creative week everyone xx


  1. cruststation said...
    What a wonderful parcel! Hope you are having a good weekend.
    simple me said...
    Beijos sweet Julie! was with great pleasure that I prepared the whole thing for you... :)
    Do you know that Fatima is a portuguese saint? There is a place here, a shrine, called fatima because it was the place where the saint once appeared to some shepperd.
    Well this is all catholic stuff which I don't really believe but it's a nice story anyway.
    I could do with one of those swedish chests...with so much stuff I have it would prove to be very useful.
    the quilts and felt goods went straight to my bookmarks (which by now needs a bit of tidy up as well)
    Have a great and creative week too.
    Anonymous said...
    Oooh, isn't the MC Idees lovely? All the leaves in it!!! x Marieke
    maditi said...
    a parcel for me, a parcel for me :)
    wonderful links, love the quilts and the swedish drawer chest!!
    Abigail said...
    How great is that issue of Marie Claire Idees!?...I got it at the airport when I was in France a few weeks ago {havn't had time to properly look at it yet actually}...but I did think it very dreamy :)

    Enjoy! xx
    Shari said...
    lovely package and wonderful links. hope you are doing well sweet julie! xoxo shari

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