Today is Shelly's 4th birthday...i cant believe 4 years have flown by so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to stop showing pictures of the girls on the here is a drawing Shelly did yesterday..a couple of trees, a pink bird and a green flying machine (??!!) - perfect for a dedication to my beautiful baby.

Shelly, we love you up to the moon and back, always and forever. May you be as happy and free as your beautiful pink bird. With love xxx

A special birthday party will be taking place this weekend on a camping trip we are taking with some friends...looking forward to it!!


  1. simple me said...
    Happy birthday Shelly!
    I love your drawings and I just wish I was as free as you to draw that way.
    Loads of kisses :)

    ps: Great green flying machine and pink bird.
    Lucy said...
    Have a lovely birthday Shelly, I hope its magical!
    Anonymous said...
    Happy birthday to the little one! (or big one, should I say? ;-))

    x Marieke
    Anonymous said...
    Love you shelly, happy birthday.
    maditi said...
    happy birthday to your loved one :)
    sorry for the delay and congratulations on the wonderful drawing!!
    cruststation said...
    Children have amazing imagination. Happy Birthday Shelly! hope you all have a good camping trip this weekend.
    mariannealice said...
    Happiest of birthdays to Shelly!Hold onto that imagination...what a gift!
    Shari said...
    happy birthday shelly!
    a camping trip sounds fun!
    lisa s said...
    aw... happy birthday! [our birthdays are close shelly!]

    hope it was spectacular!

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