10 Simple pleasures... hhhmmmm...

1. Seeing my baby first thing in the morning with the biggest smile on her face.
2. Watching my big "baby", Shelly, laughing (the best laugh) - makes me feel wonderful.
3. Just being with my lovely husband.
4. Creating - when somethings going right, its just the best feeling of satisfaction.
5. Dreaming up new ideas to create.
6. Swimming in the sea (when its not dirty, and not too hot).
7. Lying under a tree on a lovely sunny day.
8. Eating Creme Brulee!
9. Helping and doing good for others.
10. Laughing with good friends.

Oh, I also dont know 10 people here. Well, theres
manda and stephanie and mangetsu. Hope thats ok!


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