I was starting to sort through my "studio" the other day and came across an unfinished painting (I never finish a painting in the same year!!) and Im not sure if I should go further with it. Not exactly sure where I was going with it in the first place!! I wanted to add texture of the wool..

Yesterday, after being out and bathing the kids, I plopped myself on the sofa and started zapping through the channels and noticed the French film "Amelie". It was in the middle of the film but I fell in love with the photography!!!! As in many foreign films, very artistic and I LOVED the colours. Every screen looked like a painting! I noticed it was mainly, if not all, red, green and gold. I quickly pressed record on the video and today took some photos of the screen...

There were also some great characters..

very inspiring! I didnt watch the film properly as it was half way through (Have to see it!)


  1. Wendy said...
    Fantastic painting. You have just been tagged.
    elisa said...
    Hi Julie! Thank you for stopping to my blog; I want to make a comment in this post, Amelie is absolutely my favourite movie, I've watched it so many times and every time I find more shades. My suggest is: see it!!!

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