I have been away from this space for about two weeks... I took some time out and also have to finish a project for work. But today is May... where is 2008 disappearing to??
I have missed visiting you all and have a lot to catch up on :)
My head has been spinning with so many things lately... some order is in need.


  1. gracia said...
    Oh, Julie, I love your tree house... and I have missed you in this space but quite understand... where is the year going to, it seems in such a hurry.
    hugs, g xx
    louise said...
    I love your new drawing, Julie.

    I completely, utterly and absolutely understand how you are feeling about the speed at which 2008 is spinning past, in-fact I'm feeling exactly the same way. xoxo lj
    Uschi said...
    Yess!! It is!! Much to quick!!
    I'm so happy that you're back.
    What about sitting in your little house, haveing some tea, watching the birds pass by and haveing a good chat :)))
    stephanie s said...
    ohhhhh, and july is just around the corner!!!!
    jen said...
    oh, i love this! glad to see you back.
    Anonymous said...
    love it
    AnastasiaC said...
    happy May day to you! cant believe we;re almost half way through 2008!
    love your illustration!
    babelfish said...
    This is so beautiful Julie, love the varying shades of grey. Welcome back to this space, hope you're well!x
    lisa s said...
    happy may julie!
    amisha said...
    happy may julie!!
    i can't believe how fast 2008 is going either :)

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