Hello friends, i think we can safely say that spring is here *beam* ... it has been warm here this week and buds are 'a blooming!

A couple of spring links that make me smile:
Paula's spring shots - 7, it has started ... , wednesday {41} white

My latest ceramic creation. The texture was done using an acorn shell :)

I think it will hold our shell collection.

Happy Purim!! - the girls excitedly dressed up and the sun is shining - such a fun holiday. In case you are wondering, Shelly is dressed as Remy from the film Ratatouille!

Oznei Haman - a traditioanl Biscuit eaten on Purim - either filled with poppy seed, dates, or chocolate

Blue skies on the way to work...

Happy Spring to you! xxx


  1. Uschi said...
    Oh so beautiful, to see spring at least in your region!!
    What kind of amazing brushy plant may this be?? I know the dried parts of it...I'm quite sure..

    And I still have to watch Ratatouille, I'm very curious!!

    I love your new "pot". It looks so...rooted...like if everything put into it can not be lost forever!!

    Shall I throw some snow balls over to you?
    shari said...
    happy spring julie. so nice to see what you've been up to. love the texture from the acorn shell. xoxo
    risa said...
    i love the "legs" on your new ceramic creation! they make me happy. :)
    amisha said...
    happy belated purim julie! i ate a cookie for you :) xox
    cally said...
    Happy Spring, Happy Purim!
    The Osnei Haman look wonderful, I'd love them with dates, poppy seeds AND chocolate, all in together :)

    Beautiful greys in your previous post. Sad to hear of the flu, but glad the worst is over.

    Wonderful to see the flowers you show, we are still in the grip of winter here, wind and snow and bitterly cold, but I had a good week away from it all, sometimes even colder, but nearly always sunny and almost no rain, a real treat.
    babelfish said...
    Happy Spring to you! so lovely to see splashes of colour (we have snow today). The texture on your ceramic piece is beautiful, as are your adorable girls.
    AnastasiaC said...
    wow you're girls have grown!! so cute!!
    Happy Purim!!
    anne said...
    happy spring, julie! your little girls are killing me, they are so cute! hi to remy ;) such gorgeous photos too!
    maditi said...
    your walking bowl is just great :)
    and your spring days look beautiful.
    Robyn said...
    I'me so glad I discovered your blog as I'm enjoying every minute of it. Love your ceramic piece!

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