top: my shell sculpture after firing
middle: a quick drawing :)
bottom: sun rays filling the sky

How was yours?
Im off to prepare for a dinner party at our place, Happy weekend xx


  1. kelly said...
    good too thanks : ) but chilly!
    ready for the weekend now...some baking + time outside doing the garden. hope you have a lovely weekend julie! xxx

    (ooo love the finished shell by the way...where are you keeping it?)
    risa said...
    that shell is lovely!
    my week went by fast-in a good way!
    happy friday!
    lisa s said...
    hmmm... i'm wondering if we should all do friday week wrap ups? just images? :)
    maditi said...
    really shows your week was a good one :)
    amisha said...
    what a beautiful week. that sunrise is absolutely dazzling!
    my week was a blur... i'm still trying to figure out how it was :) hope the dinner party was fun! xox
    babelfish said...
    Beautiul shell sculpture and sketches, stunning skies as always.
    Uschi said...
    It has been a good week, filled to the brim with things to do and SUNSHINE! I feel so uplifted by this wonderful spring weather paired with cold nights.
    An arty weekend crowned the week.
    And the feeling that I would like to have a photo-walk through this city to show you some parts of twin-city :))
    gracia said...
    These images and pieces from your week are beautiful, from the shell sculpture to the the sky. I hope your dinner party was a delight, Julie.
    see you, g xo
    platinum blonde said...
    wonderful! love the shell!

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