some of the symbolic foods we eat on New Year to signify a sweet one :)

שנה טובה בריאה ומתוקה

Wishing you a happy, healthy and sweet new year xxx


  1. gracia said...
    And the very same to you too! I just love this sequence of photos.
    Here's to a happy and healthy, and oh so sweet, new year!
    grache xo
    louise said...
    Happy new year to you too. Beautiful photos what a perfect way to see in a new year.
    xo lj
    Loraine said...
    Happy new year Julie :)
    Denise said...
    yes, Happy New Year to you.
    YOur photos are always so pretty.
    It is apple time isn't it.
    stephanie s said...
    happy new year! it all looks so beautiful - especially the pomegranates, i think if i saw that many all together my head would explode with joy... wowie.
    Tiffany said...
    I hope your new year is filled with joy, with wonder, with all the best that life has to offer and oh so much of that yummy stuff!
    syko kajsa said...
    Happy new year! It looks delicious! Love the seed pods from a previous post!
    kelly said...
    sending you love + happy wishes for your new year...i hope it brings joy + adventures to you + your lovely family!

    the photos are scrummy : )
    cruststation said...
    Happy NY! The reds signify a prosperous and happy one. Have a wonderful time celebrating :)
    amisha said...
    beautiful sequence of delicious celebratory foods! hope you are having a great holiday.
    it's been so fun here to be around so many people celebrating the new year this week... a lovely time!
    shari said...
    happy new year julie, rami, and family! hope it's a year full of goodness for all of you. xox
    Uschi said...
    Happy new year to your whole family, my dear!!
    Wishing you lots of power,patience and energy and joy!
    A big hug!!
    Sofia Barao said...
    the pomegranates, the pomegranates !!! I love them and the time of the year to eat them is coming.... Happy new year to you !
    maditi said...
    all the best for you :)
    such a lovely way to start the new year!!
    AnastasiaC said...
    Happy New year Julie!
    have fun during your celebrations!
    I love Pomegranates so much!
    my parents have a tree in their garden! messy but so yummy!
    marsha said...
    happy new year!

    this set of photos is so simple and beautiful.

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