I received a very sweet package in the post last week from lovely B of Crust station!

A handmade bag with my name cross stitched onto the front, a catalogue from Habitat!!! Love catalogues and love Habitat! And this fab poster that B thought i would like....like..i LOVE it!!! It will be perfect in my studio!! Thank you so much!

I was also tagged by Sia...

The rules:
• Start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself
• People who are tagged have to write their 7 things on their blog
• Then choose another 7 people to get tagged and list their names

1. I dont have a driving licence in Israel. Good job i like to walk...i have been walking for 12 years!!!
2. I studied 2 years of architecture only because i was good at tech drawing and loved art in high school!
3. I am becoming more and more obsessed with E numbers in food!
4. I am still a tom-boy at the age of 36!!!
5. I hate talking on the phone!!
6. I have a very sarcastic sense of humour!! :)
7. I think i should talk less about myself!

I tag... Marianne, Syko, Ursula, Helle, Maryam, Di and comfies

Have a great week all :) xx


  1. helle said...
    Awh!!! That's really funny.
    Received your beautiful eagle drawing and the fabulously coloured plastic bags today.......... what a treat! I have taken photos and will be posting them soon for all to see. Thanks so much Julia.
    There will be a little parcel coming your way soon. Tomboy at 36........yeah, I can relate to that!
    cruststation said...
    Ooh, how embarrassing for you to post a picture of my 'badly-sewn' pouch :) I see the Habitat is a little crumpled at the edges, did I do that?

    I hate the phone too, it's a pity I have to use it daily at work...
    #7 What? I love getting to know more about you (more please :D)!
    AnastasiaC said...
    i hate talking on the phone too! my work phone it always on voicemail - such a time waster haha!
    Ohhh Habitat catalogue...nice!!
    AnastasiaC said...
    oh do Israeli's drive as crazy as Cypriots?
    amisha said...
    beautiful package from dear babelfish! that poster is so you!!
    and i loved reading your little-known facts :) my sense of humor is really sarcastic too... e always thinks it is toned down on the blog. hmmm...
    risa said...
    i haven't driven for 10 years except briefly on our honeymoon when i proceeded to knock off another car's mirror in lesst then 10 minutes behind the wheel! but i have to learn again this summer as driving in denver is more necessary. :(
    and i too hate talking on the phone. i loved it as a kid but now i have no idea how i would talk with the same person for hours on end!!!
    i love your package. that poster will look great in your studio!
    happy monday my friend!!!
    Maditi said...
    lovely presents!!
    I really like your sense of humour :)
    Uschi said...
    Oh, I see I'm right in this club of phone-haters, me too!!!! And I work on the phone half the day....
    I think I like tomboys, now that I know what that is!!
    Big smile!
    Maryam in Marrakesh said...
    I love Babel fishes gifties! And she is so lovely, too.

    I always leave the phone behind but I am an internet addict and carry a Blackberry.

    I don't drive anymore....I was in an attempted carjacking in Namibia and now am chicken:-(

    I already did a meme like this and am worried that if I did it again, people would say, You again, Maryam? Enough!

    So eek, not sure I want to foist any more of myself on them, esp as I don't have a wonderful redeeming feature like being an artist:-)
    ** Terramia ** said...
    Thanks for sharing... I love to come across this "tag" in blogland. I fancy the e in food bit... that's cute.
    lisa s said...
    yay for gifts! and yay for 7 facts [too much about yourself? no way!]
    marianne said...
    my first ever tag! I will get onto it tomorrow.....I am not too at home on the phone either as you know...
    gracia said...
    Number 5: me too!

    take care, g
    Marieke said...
    That poster us amazing - I have it too x

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