'castle in the air' in my shop

and a new post on 2 views

...a great week is ahead...:) nothing planned, just a feeling xxx


  1. Maryam in Marrakesh said...
    Oh eek this might be my favorite so far!
    risa said...
    oh, oh, oh! i love castles. this reminds me of jack and the bean stalk. (is that how you spell it? my mom's maiden name is bienstock and at first that's what i wrote. :).
    lisa s said...
    there's a store here called castle in the air and it's one of my favs!

    i hope you are right about the week!
    Maditi said...
    beautiful castle - I´d love to move in :)
    enjoy your week!!!
    cruststation said...
    I love this, my favourite too! Now where's the fairytale princess and the white horse?
    AnastasiaC said...
    love the castle print! here's to
    a great week for us all!
    kelly said...
    i love it!

    you are doing so much great work julie...i hope this week brings all good things for you : )
    comfies said...
    castle in the air is beautiful!!!!
    (and lisa s. i love that store too...)
    cally said...
    these works of yours are brilliant.

    i loved the art lesson, as i always do.

    2 views, a perfect artistic collaboration.

    sorry i've been absent, no energy at all, but not to worry, the sun shines, the birds sing and the warm breeze blows in the window. i save what energy i have for dog walking, which is an immense pleasure on these nice days and whenever i see the sun shine on dried seeds and pods, or on anything bright and colourful - i think of you. thanks for your visits to my absent blogging.
    amisha said...
    this is fabulous!!
    the week is looking good... so much wonderful creative energy all around!

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