Not much to post about today...Shelly just drew this which makes me smile a lot!!!

You can also see it here

And here are some links: - wonderful, i love the bear story too! - organic hhmmm... - lots of teak goodness

Have a great weekend!


  1. cruststation said...
    How adorable, I love the colours (pink and purple go so well together), and she has a handbag and flowers! Thank you for the wondering links, really love the organic and teak one. Fab weekend to you too :)
    kelly said...
    dear julie...hope that you're feeling much better now! shelly's creation is truly gorgeous...loving that flower :)

    wonderful links as ever. wow, the katherine mcginn website is so pretty + those stories...poems...woodprints...illustrations at fablewood are pure magic. thanks for bringing them to my day!

    wishing you a brilliant weekend. be in touch soon. x
    risa said...
    oh julie, i yelped when i saw this! fantastic. kid art is simple amazing. i hope this one gets framed and hung somewhere special. what brilliant use of color!
    stephanie s said...
    yep, this is a good one. love her eyes the best.
    amisha said...
    hi julie dear,
    i love this drawing... the colors are fantastic! have a wonderful weekend,
    simple me said...
    Sweet drawing. I love the eyes and the long arms and the tiny feet and the little basket (is it a basket or a bag?) on the side.
    Wonderful links. I have saved them for later to have a full flavour.
    Have a perfect weekend and go somewhere nice for breakfast if you are feeling better ;)
    Marieke said...
    That flower is so pretty - and the dress too! Love the color scheme! Have a great weekend xxx
    simple me said...
    Oh! I'm so happy...I just spotted that your work is featured at bloesem (
    My Marrakech said...
    Julie-Hope your weekend is filled with creative goodness so that all of us fans can continue to swoon over your work. And thanks for the links!
    amisha said...
    aahhh! just clicked over to bloesem and there you were! i wish i read dutch but i know it said you were an inspiration, which is quite right :)
    hope your weekend is wonderful...
    lisa s said...
    oh yay for the bloesem post and yay for this drawing. it's so so perfect i can hardly stand it... big big smile!!

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