This week has flown by...mainly beacause i started a new job which i am very excited also means i am up at the crack of dawn and off to Tel Aviv three times a week!

This morning after taking lots of artwork to be framed, we went to the greenhouse cafe for breakfast...a great space but the breakfast isnt amazing...but i was thinking after being totally honored this week with the nomination of thinking blogger award from lovely Cally who i would like to pass it on to...quite difficult to pick only five people..

Callys beautiful pod drawing

If you are nominated and decide to join in you should reveal the original source, say who nominated you (Cally), nominate 5 blogs which you read that really make you think and finally display the thinking blogger logo/button...

My 5 nominations are, in alphabetical order:

1. Cally Daniels - cally creates

2. Camilla Engman - camilla engman

3. Gracia & Louise - high up in the trees & elsewhere (yes they are 2 - and love them both!!)

4. Jennifer Causey - simply photo

5. Lisa Solomon- lisas musings

...there are so many more that i would love to add!! each of these talented girls inspire me in so many different ways everyday...with their art and the way they see and how they create..they not only make me think but make me question...they inspire in such great ways which affect me and my work...not to mention their passion for what they do which i really love and can relate to!! So thank you to you and to other friends out there for all of makes SUCH a difference..

hope you all have a great weekend.. xxx


  1. maditi said...
    and a great choice of fellow blog thinkers :)
    enjoy the weekend!!
    Suzie Sews said...
    Good luck with the new job
    Suzie Sews
    cally said...
    oh merci julie!
    i'm so happy we found each others blogs, i may never have posted much seed/pod related work if it wasn't for the fact that i like to show it to you. weather here has been cold wet dull for a full week so not ideal for new photo's but i will take more when it improves.

    love your piece on the previous post, so much detail, great colours and yummy texture.

    oh dear, i've been online for only 20mins and already my hand has gone numb! i need to chomp some ginger to boost my sluggish circulation, but maybe i should draw it first.

    have a brilliant weekend, and congrats on new job xxx
    treasuring said...
    your images of israel constantly amaze me. that is a land i will one day have to visit. thanks for the comments on my posts this morning!
    risa said...
    yay for new jobs! is it going well so far?
    i too have lots of art to frame when i get back to the states. it's pretty exciting to have art framed all lovely and ready to hang.
    have a great weekend my dear!
    cruststation said...
    Congratulations all around! Firstly, so excited for your new job, can't wait to hear more about it. Also for the nomination as a 'Thinking Blogger', you so deserve it! Have a fantastic weekend!
    kelly said...
    congratulations on the new job...v exciting! also lovely to see you deserved :) love your choices too!

    have a lovely weekend + enjoy a little lie-in! xxx
    simple me said...
    Have a happy weekend and good luck with your new job!
    xxx :)
    bugheart said...
    i would have
    the same
    good luck
    with your
    new job...
    that cafe
    even if
    the food
    isn't great.
    tiel said...
    good luck with your new job...and yes you deserve that nomination.
    shari said...
    congrats on your new job and also your thinking blogger award. you so deserve it. breakfast in the conservatory sounds perfect. i've missed you. xo
    AnastasiaC said...
    congrats on the new job Julie! Hope it all goes well for you and you still get time to draw and paint!
    that cafe looks wonderful - great atmosphere!
    Vanessa V said...
    Love Cally, and love her pod drawing indeed! A new job? Fab, and that you like it is even better ;) Oh, too difficult to choose.. But you chose very deserving gals indeed!
    louise said...
    Big Congratulations and thank-you for the nomination too, I feel honored. xoxo lj
    mariannealice said...
    Can't wait to hear about the new job- best of luck!
    jen said...
    thanks so much julie! you are an inspiration to me too.
    gracia said...
    Belated congratulatory cheer from me too, Julie. And I'm so flattered to be deemed an inspiring blog by you... the feeling is mutual. Thank you!

    see you, g xo
    amisha said...
    such a good list of thinking bloggers... you included!!
    and a new job... very exciting! hope you get some good peaceful quiet time in those early morning commutes.

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