hello friends,

today we are celebrating a new year.

i wish it to be very happy, healthy and full of good. i long for peace. peace for my family and friends and world peace would be pretty fantastic too!!

with this new year i have decided to move spaces. a clean slate.

from now on, i can be found over here: www.julieavisar.blogspot.com

i look forward to this new year and seeing you over at my new blog.

julie xxx

p.s. thank you so much for the birthday greetings!!


  1. Aimee said...
    Shannah Tovah, Julie. Wishing you a sweet and happy new year...xoxo
    Uschi said...
    Every Every good wish for this upcoming new year, my dear...I'll be happy to meet you at your new space!!
    A hug!
    babelfish said...
    Ooh, happy new year and birthday! Looking forward to meeting you in the new space :) Warm wishes to you and your family.
    louise said...
    Happy new year, Julie. I'm off to visit you in your new space. xo lj
    Anonymous said...
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