with the summer nearly over, i am yearning for some quiet and a cooling down of the heat.
im looking forward to making plans and new beginnings. i wish you all a lovely weekend.

below are some links to wonderful work you may like to discover.

james merrell - photography
antonio murado - abstract painting
kenichi hoshine - mixed media painting
gladys b - illustration
lisa isaacs - paper cut art (my friend!)


  1. Lisa Isaacs said...
    Thank you so much for your encouragement Julie. So glad that I am your friend!
    gracia said...
    And a lovely weekend I wish for you, too. Stay cool and plan big, g xx
    shari said...
    sunday is going to be my planning day. i'm feeling so so scattered. hope your weekend is lovely. looking forward to checking out your links. xox
    Anonymous said...

    I just found your site... lovely work. Your photography and ceramics speak to me. I love the beauty of the simplicity.
    lisa s said...
    thanks for the links julie... i hope your weekend is relaxing and wonderful
    babelfish said...
    Wishing you a happy weekend of planning and look forward to new beginnings.
    Kelly McClorey said...
    plans are good : )

    as are your links which i just had fun looking at. my favourite? untitled 7 by kenichi hoshine.

    new works make me feel so inspired. xxx

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