I want to say thank you so much for your supportive and caring comments in my last post. Reading them warmed my heart and reminded me our wonderful online community.

During the last couple of weeks, we took on the project of sorting out the studio/office space. It was such good therapy to clean-up and re-new. I threw out a whole load of stuff ... stuff - its amazing how much we hoard. But now everything has its own place and there is so much less clutter around. A much needed calm and peaceful workspace.

Shelly and i sit side by side both working on our own stuff.

And materials (obssessions ;)) are tidied away

It would be really nice to see some of your workspaces - where you sit and write your blog posts..

have a lovely thursday x


  1. kirsten said...
    ooo. your space looks fantastic.
    i don't think i can show you mine... in a permanent state of disarray. i am going with the argument that my space is too small for my home office, craft storage, professional library and project storage.
    well, that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it. :)
    amisha said...
    clearing out can be so therapeutic indeed... your new space looks beautiful! and love that you + shelly can work side by side.
    Tiffany said...
    What a great space! Mine always looks like a tornado just touched down. :^) It's currently in need of a good cleaning/tossing/organizing session!

    You have a great idea - there should be a "Day of Space" where everyone shares picts of their studio or their fav spot to blog from.
    risa said...
    i love that painting in the background. i remember when you first painted/posted it. soooo lovely.
    i love the white in your space.
    our guest bedroom/office/craft room is also white with bright color pops (mostly red and pink). the lighting in the room is a little weird so i've had trouble taking photos of it, but i will try again for you!
    shari said...
    a family workspace. how wonderful! it was so fun to see that beautiful painting again. hugs.
    lisa s said...
    hi julie!
    glad you were able to clean....
    i need to do that !!
    ailin said...
    cool! i really like how you and Shelly work side by side and the feeling of getting rid of stuff is GREAT! oh and i like your new workspace!
    Uschi said...
    this looks so good, Julie...and it reminds me, that I just stopped the all-over-the-house-uncluttering in front of my desk.
    Your beautiful work place is a motivation to go on!

    Kelly McClorey said...
    a new space...it looks perfect julie! your project really must have been what you needed to move forward a little and having that fresh outlook to focus on your art again. enjoy your time there sweetie. it'll be nice to think of you at that desk on the computer whenever i hear from you! stuff...i have too much of it and it feels like it's weighing me down right now. you've inspired me to start a clean-up here : ) i shall share soon! xxx
    AnastasiaC said...
    great workspace...looks so organised and clutter free - happy creating!
    babelfish said...
    I love your work space, so tidy. Heart the tins and inspiration board! Long desks are great aren't they?

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