A couple of months ago on a bad bad day, i received a parcel from a dear friend. Kelly wasnt to know that her box of sweet thoughts would be the only thing to make me smile at that time. So here is a long overdue thank you for this gift of chocolate (unable to photograph of course!), a new lavender key ring (after i lost my keys and Kellys beautiful key ring), a crocheted doily which I LOVE!!! (Im not even sure if Kelly made this herself) and a set of delightful cleaning cloths (which seem way too pretty to clean with. If you would like to check them out - take a look here. There were a couple of other lovely things inside which reminded me of England :) all wrapped and packaged so beautifully.
Thank you so much Kelly for being such a lovely friend. Also, than you to I for my gift of British tea which i have missed so much :) xxx


  1. lisa s said...
    a beautiful and well deserved gift! hugs
    gracia said...
    It's so lovely when parcels arrive at just the right time... a little pick-me-up from a dear friend. Sounds like a well deserved gift, as Lisa mentioned.
    g xx
    Kelly McClorey said...
    you are more than welcome! i only wish i could have been there to give you a real hug too. love from your friend xxx
    babelfish said...
    The keyring is beautiful, so glad the british tea was able to warm the heart. Hugs to you!

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