It has been a while since we had a day out in tel aviv and as the girls are on holiday we decided to take the day off to have some fun. As always we began our day with breakfast. We started off in Shenkin - no plan to stick to -

The buildings in this area are just so beautiful - dilapidating but beautiful - of course the level of decay just adding to the beauty. You could spend the whole day looking up at the stunning details. There was once talk of restoring them but I see no changes in the last few years.
Unfortunately, Shelly still doesnt get why I spend so much of my time taking photos of structures without windows and peeling paint... but one day she will :)

And it has been years since we visited shuk hacarmel - a wonderful market always full of life, touching all of the senses.

we then walked round Kerem Hatemanim - the smells reminded Rami of his grandmothers house..

And back to Shenkin for some window shopping and ice-cream.

Despite the intense august heat, we had such a great day.
Our walk today was so inspirational, much food for thought and ideas for new work - i cant wait to start painting again.


  1. ailin said...
    i love the posts about your days out with the family.
    gracia said...
    Such evocative photos to see today, J. One of the films I saw at the film festival featured Tel Aviv and I thought of you and your family.

    see you, g xx
    shari said...
    oh! those buildings. looks like a perfect day of exploring. xo
    lisa s said...
    i can't get over the tiles....

    so glad you had a day off!
    babelfish said...
    So happy to see you creative again, always wonderful to see your city through your eyes. xox
    Kelly McClorey said...
    it's so great to hear the positivity in your words julie...i can see why you feel inspired by those wonderful sights. and i can feel the heat in that sky!

    it's great that you all experience these places together as a family...and i know shelly will follow in your footsteps with the camera someday. xxx
    design for mankind. said...
    Oh what a beautiful space.
    Robyn said...
    I can hear how inspiring your day was. I am inspired by your photographs. Beautiful tiles!

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