I know that the winter we experience here is very mild compared to other places... but still what i would really like to do is find a nice cozy cave to move into for the next two and a half months until the arrival of spring. Winter and I do not get along... for many years we have not been friends - the good memories of winter comprise of snowmen and central heating, both of which we do not have here.

So having not yet found the above mentioned cave... i try to find other ways of escaping. but the hardest thing is the early closing of the days and never having enough time ...


  1. Janet said...
    Beautiful photos, what would we do if you found a cave to hibernate? Hugs xx
    muertoderisa said...
    hi julie!!!!!!!!!
    i love the "ripped" bowl. soooo pretty.
    can i join you in the cave? please?!?!?!
    stephanie s said...
    speaking as someone who has holed up that cave... it ain't so pretty.
    i would trade a cave for that bougainvillea any day. the petals in that ripped bowl are so lovely.
    anne said...
    love those little bowls julie, beautiful shape and color.

    i can imagine getting through winter without central heating is no fun. keep warm.
    kelly said...
    brrrrrr from chilly england! spring's not far away...like you i can't wait for it's arrival though...my favourite season : ) your photos make me very happy today. the pink against turquoise...sigh...so pretty! are the bowls by you? xxx
    Uschi said...
    I never experienced a winter which is so different from our winters here...As you say: icy and crisp and clear is a true winter.
    But noooooooo! Not a cave. Caves so often are wet and cold and dark like the winter days I don't like...
    Lots of tea and candles and a fire!!

    And what I see on your site today is spring ;)
    "Springen" is the German word for "jumping"...your bowl jumped out of shape!
    I like that!
    Babelfish said...
    I would love to hibernate :) I prefer the warmer climates too, though in the UK there's little chance of that. Did you make those bowls? they are stunning!
    lisa s said...
    i too, do not like being cold. i wear hats indoors . even with heat.

    spring will be here soon enough... hang on...
    maditi said...
    blue and pink look so very beautiful together. I´m looking for a warm cave too :)
    cally said...
    beautiful colour and imagery in such a cold time of the year.

    i have a portable cave, it is a HUGE black jumper which is very thick and stretchy which i pull over my tucked up knees so my whole body is in it's warmth. it is the only synthetic piece of clothing i regularly wear because it is so comforting. I can scoop up the cat and cradle him in it when I walk, like a papoose.. or a cat cave, with just his head sticking out.
    amisha said...
    hi sweet julie. i have so much catching up to do... wish we could sit and have a cup of cocoa by a roaring fire! i agree with you so much about winter... i am longing for signs of spring... i think i need a long trip to florida!! xoox
    bugheart said...
    i am not
    a winter girl
    that first photo
    reminded me
    how i miss
    i use
    to make
    for my dolls
    when i was

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