I forgot to mention that with all of our walking on the first day, Rami hurt his foot. So on the second day we woke up to rain, grey skies and a hobbling husband. Nothing dampened our spirits though and we chose to buy a metro pass to get around.
This time we walked to the Louvre - even stunning in the rain, the Jardin des Tuileries and to Notre Dame - another favourite of mine. The scupltured details in this gothic cathedral are breathtaking and very powerful in imagery. We stood in the rain staring at it for quite a while.

Then onto some more of Marieke's recommended shops... which took us to a really lovely area full of small galleries and wonderful little art/design shops and designer shops. But they were all closed.

door details

So we decided to return the next day....more pics here


  1. shari said...
    fabulous door details. is rami better? i hope so. one day i hope to be in paris, standing in the rain. sounds just perfect. xo
    cruststation said...
    Beautiful architecture, when I travel I like to take pictures of buildings too, especially when they are as amazing as those here. Looks like you had a wonderful time despite some being closed. Still on my list of places to visit :)
    stephanie s said...
    oh, thank you so much for taking us to paris with you.... i am sorry to hear that rami hurt his foot, i know exactly how that feels - and it ain't good.... but glad to hear you worked through it.
    AnastasiaC said...
    hope Rami's foot is OK now...Im assuming you didnt take the girls to Paris?
    hope it was romantic for you...it rained a lot when we were there too...one day we bought wine, bread and cheese and sat in our hotel hearing the rain in the courtyard - was a perfect moment!!
    amisha said...
    mmm... you know i love the doors! :) hoping rami's foot is all healed up now. so enjoying seeing paris through your eyes!
    lisa s said...
    oh yes - i'm loving the doors too....

    seems like paris would be good in any state - even hobbling :)
    simple me said...
    oh, no! I hope Rami is better now.
    these pictures just take me back to lovely Paris.
    thank you for that!
    enjoy your weekend and speak to you soon.
    Tips Of All Sorts said...
    Hi Julie! Just dropping a note to say I love looking at all your pictures of Paris!
    I hope that Rambi's foot is better.
    gracia said...
    A beautiful place to hobble if one must hobble, eh?
    Great photographs, once again. And it all sounds, looks, wonderful to me.
    take care, g xo

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