This trip to London was so lovely - mainly beacause of the time spend with very good friends and family.

My first Blog meeting was all set up with Wendy - i told her we could meet outside the bookshop at the Tate Modern. We waited excitedly for a long time and then we started thinking Wendy had got lost on the way.."But how can you miss the Tate?" I asked Rami...then suddenly in the foyer i spotted a familiar face.."Wendy?"..."Julie?".... big hugs... I didnt know there was another bookshop downstairs!!! Sorry Wendy! We had such a lovely afternoon, mainly eating and drinking and talking. I felt like i have known Wendy for years though. Cant wait until the next time xx

The next day I had arranged with Janet to meet in Chelsea - perfect!!! We had another wonderful afternoon with non-stop chatting (some eating and drinking) and lots of perusing in and out of the wonderful shops in the area. Janet is so inspiring as a successful artist and a lovely, lovely person. xx

Unfortunately, i dont have any photos to show :(

Other highlights -
Being with my parent who spoilt us all rotten!
Laughing and crying with oldest friends A and I.
A picnic with newly wedded friends in the beautiful grounds of Kenwood House.
A new camera - a present from my parents.
Rami seeing Machester United and Chelsea fans pouring into the new Wembley Stadium!
The girls came home speaking English!

And now back to real life... :)


  1. lisa s said...
    congrats on the new camera, the being spoiled and the blog meet ups!
    AnastasiaC said...
    awww how cute are your girls!!
    its great you got to meet some bloggers too!
    gracia said...
    A new camera and blog meet-ups, plus a little bit of parental spoiling... sounds like you all had a great time.
    see you, grache xo
    Feltbug said...
    Hello - I am glad you had a lovely time - what a shame we missed meeting up - it would have been so good - next time ... Thankyou for visiting me in blog land - I love to get your comments. Your photos are very inspiring.
    cruststation said...
    Sounds wonderful especially being spoilt by parents and a new camera! Hooray for your first blog meeting and your girls picking up English (love this picture).
    simple me said...
    I feel like going to London...did I just say this :)?
    oh ... the tate modern ... oh ...kenwood house.
    do you know I used to walk to kenwood house when living in london? it was about 45 minutes - 1 hour through the heath from my house. I miss that.
    also we had lunch in the restaurant at kenwood on my wedding day :)
    amisha said...
    this trip sounds perfect... great times with parents and the blog meetup!! hoping that one day i can share a cup of coffee on a lovely afternoon with you! :)

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