Over the last few weeks i have been thinking a lot about my work and where i stand in the art world (which is still nowhere) but where do i want to stand? The old question..what is art? and yesterday Shari's post just made all of those thoughts swirl even more... the idea of 'accidents' is very familiar to me..i nearly always over-think ideas and then never carry them out...if i dont try, something quite nice comes out. I always worry about what people will think but really, i think the only thing that matters is that you are true to yourself and follow your instincts...you should push ideas until you can push no more...
I worry about my work being tacky instead of tasteful...i often leave things unfinished...i have dreamed of being an artist since my first painting of an apple tree at the age of four, i lay awake at night excited by an idea i may have, i cannot live without creating...but i dont seem to have gotten anywhere...i am a little lost...


  1. Shari said...
    hi julie
    oh goodness. i am right there with you. it helps to know that others feel the same way, i think. your work is beautiful. i always look forward to seeing your creations! i love the idea of keep pushing ahead and following your heart. i'm confident you will find your way. xo shari
    Marieke said...
    Hi Julie, I think the good thing of art is that commercial success or status or whatever does not reflect the worth of the work. If ou feel that you are making something that is truthful, it is a success already. And there are lots of people, including me, enjoying it too! x
    michelle said...
    your work is quite stunning...I am not much help because right now I feel a little like you do...I leave so much undone, afraid of something i am not sure..i don't even share the things I do because I feel they are inadequate. I am sure that this will pass, everyone has insecurities and doubts, especially when sharing their art which is so personal..just keep going and things will work out!
    mangetsu said...
    You know, Julie, I had to look up the word "tacky" and after learning the meaning I just can't believe you fear that your work actually should appear as being it... you're doing the most refined, exquisite and charming things all the time, how can you possibly think of tacky?!
    I guess you truly are an artist, this scepticism is just characteristic...
    Regarding those little accidents: I am experiencing them all the time, things often just happen, one fabric meets the other, I am throwing something together and suddenly something surprisingly charming is being made. But especially with those objects that I let just happen, often in a enthusiastic rush or in passing I mostly doubt if I can show the results on my blog because they seem "too easy" to me, based only on instincts...
    But then, I don't consider myself as an artist, as you know, so I am free to show anything.

    Go on making, Julie, you'll see where it's going!
    lisa s said...
    if an arist doesn't feel lost from time to time they will never find their way. just don't give up. [you are very very very far from tacky!]

    AnastasiaC said...
    oh I can SO relate - I over think and analyse my ideas all the time and then see other people progress and create and I feel so frustrated that I just cant....we are our own worst critic arent we? its human nature LOL
    gracia said...
    Hi there Julie,
    All those highs and lows, the ups and downs, are all a part of the ride. And I know just how you feel... I often feel lost at sea.
    take care, g
    jessica said...
    sometimes we have to get "stuck" in a place. surrender is good, then release can happen. i have found this to be true in many aspects of life. just let it be. like changing of the seasons, new things are brewing inside of us. let it grow, it will come. trust it.
    maditi said...
    ... just how I feel lately too ... maybe we can form a little club ;)
    your work is amazing and I just got the proof today!!
    Wendy said...
    Your work is certainly NOT tacky it is wonderful.
    simple me said...
    I just arrived at your blog after this quite long absence and was confronted with this time long question.
    Julie, my dear Julie you shouldn't worry too much and shouldn't question so much. Just follow your instincts and work, work, work, work...as much as you can. Tear out pages you don't feel are right, discard the things you feel have no strenght, hide away others to look at a later stage but work, work, keep on working.
    Most of the things you see that you appreciate so much are products of much work. Behind those pieces you are sure to find many discarded ideas, things that the author didn't find right.
    You produce wonderful work and have very beautiful and honest ideas. That's what is important.
    Everyone has the need to be recognised by others even if it is only by the ones that are closed to you and that is so natural.
    You are in need of creating a constant pace, a rhythm for your work.
    Ideas also come out of habit by creating a steady working pace.
    And get ideas from many sources. Most of my teachers here keep telling us to read and see work that has no relation to ceramics. So you can bring inspiration from other places into your work.
    It's OK to feel a bit lost at times. Everyone does and it's so natural and I love you because of that :)
    anne said...
    hi julie, i can understand that so well. i could be up to that club maditi just mentioned :) i only discovered your blog very shortly ago; to me it seems beautiful and inspiring and i'm very interested in what you will be up to next :)
    Daphne said...
    I agree with all the above, I like your work! and that is why I keep coming back for more. Maybe you feel like it is unfinished but to me it is not. I think I have the same feeling...it is never good enough. I always want it to be better. And I am still looking for the defenition of an artist and that I can probably only find in myself. - If you feel like an artist, YOU ARE! I think you ARE :) *Daphne
    thebutterflycollector said...
    wow, Julie, you just said what i have been going through for the past few weeks! There is some great advice in those comments before me though! You know I think I go through this at least once a year and always seem to come out on the other side! maybe we need to, to be able to decide what direction to head in next and to push us and challenge us further??? It is very frustrating though!
    cruststation said...
    Oh Julie, you really should take the step to realise you dream as an artist or an art teacher even. You are so good at what you do, and even though I understand your struggles (I am one of the worse procrastinator), you have a gift and a talent so go ahead! Here's hoping good wishes for your future.
    bugheart said...
    i am with you
    on feeling lost...
    and it
    a lot of
    to put
    your work
    out there...
    i think we
    all struggle
    good enough...
    wish i had
    read this post
    days ago
    to shout out
    "you ARE
    an artist"-
    so evident
    by your work
    and passion.

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