One thing i have learnt is that with this age (4/5 years) the kids need a lot of emphasis and repitition and i think it also boosts their confidence when they know the answers..
So we began this week by going over the different types of line..straight, circle, wavy... and then i gave them both a piece of A3 paper and blocked their view from the others work...this is an exercise in concentration and understanding...
I asked them to listen carefully and to draw what i tell them:
- 4 straight lines from any edge of the paper to another edge
- 5 circles anywhere on the page
- a curved line that begins at the edge of the page and ends in the middle
- colour in 2 of the circles
- fill in 3 of the areas however you want

The results were very interesting and i realised that i have to explain further words like edge and 'fill in'. They both seemed a little frustrated that i was telling them exactly what to do and wanted to do it 'their' way.
We then displayed both pictures and i tried to discuss the results with the girls...
Are they the same? How are they similar? How are they different? They were a little reluctant to talk and it took some encouragment...i think it would be good to go back to this exercise in the future.
I then gave the girls a piece of stiff cardboard each, lots of glue and lots of strings and told them to make a picture out of string however they want. It was interesting to see how Liron went for the big lines across the card and Shelly cut small pieces of string and stuck them closer together.

After this was finished, we stuck foil over the whole piece of card and stuck it down-emphasising the string lines.
I asked them to colour in the shapes between the lines. Shelly was enthusiastic about this and Liron wanted to draw a picture on hers. I loved this project. Fun with string and glue and it strengthens the idea of line and introduces shape. I think next time it would be good to encourage more crossing over of lines.

Another interesting lesson with wonderful, interesting differences between the girls!!

Hope you all have a fantastic computer is behaving strangely, so if i disappear... ;(


  1. maditi said...
    enjoy your weekend, my computer is behaving strangely too ;)
    love what you did with the girls, beautiful and interesting outcome!!
    stephanie s said...
    i know i said this before, but i am loving reading about this. it is fun to see what the girls produce, but i think i like even better how your are describing your process and teaching methods... wonderful!
    wendy said...
    I agree with steph i love reading about this class and feel like I've joined in. I do hope you don't disappear.
    lisa s said...
    you are such a good teacher!! your lessons build on one another in a fantastic way!
    Daphne said...
    I can only agree with wath has been said by the others, LOVING your classes! keep it going!!! *D
    gracia said...
    Hi there Julie,
    Love this little peek into your lessons and seeing the results and differences.
    take care, g
    cruststation said...
    Another fantastic lesson! Oh you make a great art teacher. I'm loving that the children are learning to follow instructions as well as to draw, blocking their view from each other? that's genious! The comparisons are so interesting and you learning from it too how wonderful :)
    nesty said...
    i love this lesson! seeing the step by step approach is great. you are making the most wonderful really inspires me.

    hope your computer is behaving :)

    happy monday! x
    tiel s-k said...
    julie, I loved this post. Having a background in teaching, I can understand how difficult it can be to try and encourage creativity. The results are great. I love the way you are exploring the elements of line, texture and shape. I can't wait to see more of what your students create.
    louise said...
    Hi Julie, I love your approach to each lesson. I want to join in!
    Cheers, LJ
    mangetsu said...
    This is so interesting, Julie.
    I am reading these posts about your art lessons very carefully because I think I can learn a lot about how to approach "arty" time with my daughter.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    susan said...
    mona brooks's techniques are super, aren't they? did you take the class with her? i would love to meet her... people respond so well to her drawing promts! tell me more about your calendars and thanks for dropping by my little blog!

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