I love the work of Samantha Bryan - "She creates charming 'domesticated fairies' with machine-like contraptions, cleverly crafted from hand-dyed and stitched leather, paper-clay, wire, organic matter and found materials... Samantha takes her inspiration from whimsical childhood stories, Victorian gadgetry and the work of W Heath Robinson and Rowland Emmett.."
Wonderful imagination and I love the use of found materials.


  1. Wendy said...
    I will have to tell Lucy about these she has always loved fairies. These are beautiful.
    weirdbunny said...
    oh they look really funny too me!
    Jo said...
    I like them. Great to see a fairy that is not so fairy-ish.
    Shari said...
    i love these and like you said, love that they are created with recycled materials. :)
    bugheart said...
    these are
    thanks for
    thebutterflycollector said...
    these are so whimsical and unique!!!Wonderful!

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