On Hanna's blog the other day and she had written a list - I love lists! Since becoming a Mum, I have become a little more scatty - not remembering where Ive put things, what I need to buy, what I need to do, etc - so I write lists.

Art/craft list

  • Send off Stephanies art swap X
  • Finish off 'Man in the Moon' X
  • Finish off 'Birdcage'
  • Finish off 'Beryl' X
  • Finish off 'Fishing'
  • Start new 'House'
  • Start new 'Treehouse' X
  • Start new 'Theatre'
  • Start new 'Angel' series

Oh, that feels so good!!! Everything written down. A reference. Some of these pieces I started a year ago!!


  1. Jo said...
    Glad to see that someone else has a list with items spanning years in construction. Do we ever finish these ones ??? And Julie, your SPC from your last post is beautiful.
    weirdbunny said...
    I love lists too, sitting out the garden, cuppa coffee, a notepad and apencil. For some reason I like to do lists with a pencil. You'll have to draw up a plan for your tree house. I love drawing plans even if I just know they'll come to nothing. Well dreams are important too.
    Mirre said...
    What's even better than making a list is crossing things off the list :)))
    stephanie s said...
    i make lists but rarely refer to them or complete the tasks on them....but at least i can get the thoughts out of my head. i am very excited about the package, and don't have one single idea of what that picture is of....!

    capello said...
    I am a big list-maker. I think I started in junior high (about 12 years old)... I list everything and make multiple lists in a day. It use to drive my husband crazy finding lists everywhere, but since I've taught him to make lists (how is it he wasn't making lists? He's so scatter-brained! He's so much better now that he's making lists on the weekends!) he doesn't mind as much.

    I heart lists.
    Dacia Ray said...
    I looove lists. They're so satisfying. :) Cute blog!

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