About a month and a half ago we were in London visiting my parents and my Mum gave me an old scarf from India with some beautiful embroidery on it. I love the torquoise fabric too. I thought Id share that with you.

Also, while in London we visited Selfridges and as we came out, we saw this strange installment outside on the pavement. It didnt have a sign or any kind of information as to where it came from. Anyway, I thought it was wonderful - very crafty with lots of handmade stuff.


  1. Kristy said...
    Hi!Just found your site through Samanthas.It's lovely!I will add you to my bloglines xxx
    Kristy said...
    I just wanted to say thank-you for your comment.I tried to reply to it but the email was returned.I had alsorts of email problems when I started.
    Wendy said...
    Hello I have just found you through Kristy. I have also just started blogging quite daunting with so many lovely sites. I will add you to my list. (not that I have perfected that skill yet)

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