Ok, a new day and its too hot to go out! So we are tidying up the apartment again and I am sitting in the "studio" dying to get back into creating again.
I am married to my wonderful Rami, and we have 2 little ones - the older one Shelly, is 3 and a half and is in nursery and the little one, Ella, is nearly 10 months old and is at home with me. Now as you Mums out there know its nearly impossible to make art with babies and todders at home...so Im slowly but SURELY getting back into it! I think writing this Blog will help me a lot. I have so much stuff here that Ive collected over the years and I jump from one idea to another. I have so many ideas and I dont know where to start! I particularly LOVE paper mache with added embroidered details. Im also interested in assemblage art which includes my love of collecting junk!!


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