While watching "Desperate Housewives" this evening, I took my watercolour pencils, which I havent used for ages and doodled some houses. I like the pencils which really 'melt" with the water.
I wander what those ever-so-pointy roofs mean?!?


  1. capello said...
    Those are beautiful! Perhaps I should do some drawing while I watch DH tonight!
    weirdbunny said...
    Just don't show them to a psycholgist the meaning of the pointy roofs could be scarry!! I just love watercolour pencils, I bought some for my kids at christmas. They ere really impressed with them. Maybe the pointy roofs mean your going up in the world? That's if you couldn't get any higher of course.
    Julie said...
    Maybe its the influence of the mad women on DH and not this DH!!!

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